Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson In Context - The Final Analysis

From our friends at the Save Jersey Blog
By Matt Rooney 
lady justice
There you have it. No charges.

What just happened in Ferguson is actually a reassuring end to an ugly story, Save Jerseyans; a grand jury of average citizens didn’t bend to base emotion or public pressure. It took guts to make a call here as Governor Jay Nixon was simultaneously declaring a state of emergency during the deliberations.

Something terrible happened in this Missouri suburb, to be sure, but apparently not what the media initially told us happened. A grand jury didn’t find probable cause – a very low bar (ask poor Rick Perry) – of a white police officer committing a crime by gunning down a black youth. The real tragedy in the final analysis? Precisely what I wrote about back in August: how Michael Brown was statistically doomed to fail in a community long-ravaged by the policies and attitudes imposed by liberal America.

12 individuals charged with an all-important constitutional function didn’t let any of this sway them. Physical evidence was considered. Witness statements were scrutinized. Legal tenants were applied. The justice system worked.

Anyone who resorts to violence tonight isn’t interested in justice and, frankly, they’ve got what’s coming to them.

There’s no redeeming, rationalizing or excusing the violent looters or, especially after tonight’s result, the White House officials who prejudged the case and flocked to Michael Brown’s funeral. Awkward, huh?

And the Ferguson citizens dedicated to building a better America? The silent majority, diverse in background and opinion, who aren’t acting like fools for the cameras? They’ll sleep in their own beds tonight, wake up in the morning and work hard for their families like they always do. May God bless them and see them safely through the night!

Let’s ALL follow their lead wherever we live and, while we’re at it, dedicate deep consideration not the fine points of a closed case but the public policy causations driving an uncomfortable and under-reported truth: 94% of black victims in this country are killed by other black citizens.

Our thanks to Matt Rooney for this splendid, reasoned analysis!

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