Monday, November 17, 2014

Kyrillos: Allow Hunting On Sundays In NJ

With a prime hunting season now underway in New Jersey, Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) renewed his push for the passage of legislation that he sponsors to allow hunting on every day of the week, during established hunting seasons.

“I’ve heard from many hard-working constituents who work long hours Mondays through Fridays or Mondays through Saturdays due in part to the high cost of living in this state and they’re looking for a way to hunt and put some food on their tables,” Kyrillos said. “They deserve this legislation, which could also generate additional revenue for our state.”

Senator Kyrillos introduced the first version of Senate Bill 699 in October 2008, and at that time it was sponsored by Senate Democrat Stephen Sweeney, who is now Senate President. New Jersey is one of just 11 states that do not allow hunting on Sundays. Neighboring New York is one that permits hunting on Sundays.

“People spend considerable time and hard-earned dollars to be law-abiding hunters and enjoy the great seasons that New Jersey has to offer,” Kyrillos said. “I urge my colleagues to consider advancing this bill to provide hard working people with more opportunities and a better quality of life here in New Jersey.”

S-699 does not increase bag limits or lengthen existing hunting seasons.

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