Monday, February 16, 2015

AFP To 'Sly' Fox: No More $$$ Without Prudent Plan

Americans for Prosperity New Jersey state director Daryn Iwicki has issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s op-ed by NJDOT Commissioner Jamie Fox:

"Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox owes taxpayers solutions not whining and petty complaints. It's clear that the commissioner is more interested in paving the way for a huge gas tax increase than doing something to reduce the costs of paving our roads.  Otherwise why spend even a minute of his time trying to convince taxpayers New Jersey isn’t getting a good bang for our buck when it comes to road costs?

“If the Reason Foundation report is wrong, as he claims, then why doesn’t Commissioner Fox tell us what the right numbers are? He is the head of the DOT, isn’t he? Why doesn’t he have those numbers at his fingertips?

“Motorists have been sending well over a billion a year down to Trenton, which is more than enough to take care of our infrastructure. Yet, after displaying gross incompetence and mismanagement in his first go-round heading up the DOT, he’s now demanding hard-working taxpayers give him more to spend—literally putting the Fox in charge of the hen house.

“It’s time Commissioner Fox stop with the prevarications and manipulations and started doing his job. That means coming up with a plan to reduce costs and do more with less. Until then, taxpayers are right not to trust him in any way with the Transportation Trust Fund.”


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