Sunday, February 22, 2015

Live Blogging The 2015 Oscars - Part 3

JLo and Chris Pine -- what a magnificent couple!
She's classic. And she always looks the part.
Grand Budapect wins the costume award and the costumer/winner milks it for every minute as she takes forever to get to the stage. Well, she has to get out of the box she's sitting in. She's wearing about twelve earrings.
JLo almost takes a spill on the way off the stage.
Now, Harris makes another joke -- this time about Wtherspoon's name. And it goes nowhere.
And, here we go again - Grand Budapest wins yet another award. Prediction: It will win the most awards tonight but it will not win any of the really big awards.
BTW: Witherspoon's dress looks beautiful - very appropriate and perfect for her. Classy!
Here comes Channing Tatum. And yes, he really does look like a star but he's very obviously reading his lines and he's flubbed one of them.

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