Sunday, February 22, 2015

Line Blogging The 2015 Oscars - Part 9

Benedict Cumberbatch has made the scene with Naomi Watts. He's the most angular star since Adrien Brody. Very vertical.
Now, Whiplash wins another award, this time for film editing.
Here we have Oprah in the audience cheering on the segment from Selma that will be shown. She shows two thumbs up. But we already know how Oprah feels about this and about virtually all things black. Is it necessary for her to keep reminding us?Just for the record: Blacks are very well represented throughout the program, both as performers and presenters.
Jennifer Aniston has stepped forward to present an award and she looks lovely.
Citizen Four wins documentary feature. This is a film about Edward Snowden's disclosures and the "threats to our privacy" that he revealed. Then, Harris makes a joke about why Snowden could not be there tonight. But the award stirs a lot of passion in the audience nonetheless.

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