Sunday, February 22, 2015

Live Blogging The 2015 Oscars - Part Six

Now, Neil is appearing topless and in briefs in a takeoff from Birdman and this is really funny!
At last, we have a clever, surprising, daring bit. And Neil makes it work.
Here we have Unbroken nominated for something. But the movie was basically shut out of the Oscars and seemed to go nowhere at the box office.
Three guys win for sound in Whiplash -- the film's second win tonight.
And, for sound editing, American Sniper wins its first award of the night.
And Clint Eastwood is in the audience and he really IS The Best - what a legend and what a career!
Jared Leto appears in a light blue tux that he seems to have matches to his eyes and, well -- he's Jared Leto and, as always, he's unique. What else can we say?
Then, to no one's surprise (one again) the award for best supporting actress goes to Patricia Arquette for Boyhood. She's so appealing. Her performance was so incredible. She's so real. This is a magical moment for her. But she messes it up by making a political statement for equal rights for women and wage equality for women. Not the time nor the place for that.

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