Friday, February 20, 2015

Lynne Abraham Needs Your Help NOW!

Here is a VERY special message from the Lynne Abraham campaign:

Right now our signature drive to get Lynne on the ballot is in full swing. We have volunteers out across the city collecting signatures and we need your help to keep this campaign going. Will you help by chipping in $15,  $25, or $50 today?
Your support is critical to ensuring that we collect the 1,000 signatures needed to place Lynne’s name on the ballot. This is a crucial moment in our campaign and you can support our efforts by donating today.
Lynne has the experience and drive necessary to get things done in Philadelphia. She’s not beholden to the special interests and the political machine, and as Mayor she will be nobody’s Mayor but yours. But she can’t change Philadelphia for the better without your support – click here to donate and support Lynne's campaign to rescue our schools, create jobs, and improve public safety.
While political insiders want to continue with the status quo and perpetuate a system that only works for them, it is time we elect a leader who will take on the tough issues that are most important to our communities. 
Click on the link below and to support our grassroots campaign today:
With gratitude,
- Team Lynne

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