Sunday, February 22, 2015

Live Blogging The 2015 Oscars - Part 2

Beautiful speech by best supporting actor winner J.K. Simmons. So family-oriented. Just. Plain. Wonderful! One of the best things anybody has said so far, on this or other Oscarcasts.
Harris' joke after the JK award (parodying the Farmers Insurance commercial) fell flat.
Now Harris' is doing a schtick centered around his predictions for this year's Oscar winners. And maybe it's just me but this doesn't really seem to be going anywhere. It's somewhat dorky.
Liam Neeson has a wonderful voice and melodic accent but he's been in too many action/thriller/revenge movies.
Now, Budapest Hotel is paired in a preview with Sniper. Two movies that are about as different as you can imagine.
Dakota Johnson appears wearing a classic-looking red dress. She makes a nice apperance.
And now, here's Adam Levine singing with Maroon Five - a Jewish boy who brazenly shows off his tattoos. Well, it's not like he can really hide them. BTW: He's hitting some really high notes tonight.
Nice to see Adrian Brody in the audience -- one of our favorite actors and an Oscar winner.

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