Wednesday, March 21, 2018

More Cluttered Than Pa's Attic; AND More Fun!

At first glance you might mistake it for a musty (and sometimes rusty) hoarder's paradise.
Then again, some of it is downright creepy.
But turn a corner and you're a kid on a carousel all over again. Or you're delighting to the sound of a calliope as you approach the Big Tent at the circus. Or maybe you're a a ten-cent matinee in an old movie palace watching a black and white western. Then, you're spinning vinyl and listening to Patti Page or cranking up the old victrola or putting a new roll into the player piano.
That old 1955 Thunderbird is here along with a Maxwell, a Studebaker, a Hudson and lots more. You'll also find Manny, Moe and Jack, Cabbage Patch Kids, Ninja Turtles, clowns, smiley faces, gnomes, Christmas trees, vintage neon, 45 rpms, Uncle Sam, Paul Bunyan, Raggedy Ann and Andy, nutcrackers, cowboys and Indians, organ grinders, teddy bears and fully furnished dollhouses.
When you see all this -- all of it, all together in one place -- then you'll know your on the American Treasure Tour, a huge indoor attraction just outside Philadelphia in Oaks, PA.
American Treasure Tour is so vast you have to board a tram car to see it all as a guide delivers a humorous and inter-active presentation. You won't believe how much Americana one man has collected (a man who remains anonymous) so far. It's absolutely mind-boggling. AND, incredibly, what you'll see is only a small part of his collection!
Here are some of our photos of the American Treasure Tour. But you must actually experience it live and in-person to believe it!

All photos copyright 2018 by Dan Cirucci.

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