Thursday, March 15, 2018

We Need To Build It, And Built It FAST!

‘We need to build FAST’ 
Five of President Donald J. Trump’s Cabinet secretaries traveled to Capitol Hill yesterday to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee on the pressing need to rebuild American infrastructure. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry represented the Administration.
“We need to build FAST & we need to build for our FUTURE,” President Trump tweeted. He also thanked the Commerce Committee for hosting this important hearing.
One month ago, the President laid out his six principles for building a stronger America:

1. Using $200 billion in Federal funds to spur at least $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments from States, localities, and the private sector

2. Making new investments in rural America, which has been left behind for too long

3. Returning decision-making authority to State and local governments

4. Removing regulatory barriers that needlessly get in the way of projects

5. Streamlining and shortening the permitting process

6. Supporting and strengthening America’s workforce

Learn more about how President Trump wants to rebuild America.

Bonus: See the 1-minute highlight reel from yesterday’s hearing on Capitol Hill.
Tax cuts come home 
Yesterday, President Trump joined business leaders and workers in Missouri to discuss what tax cuts have done for the economy since they were signed into law just before Christmas.
As a result of tax reform, more than 430 companies have announced pay raises, bonuses, or 401(k) hikes that benefit more than 4 million Americans. In Missouri specifically, companies such as Central Bancompany, Hawthorn Bank, and Kansas City Southern have announced bonuses of up to $1,000 for workers.
“Passing tax reform was just the latest signal from the president that America is once again open for business and that he is committed to ensuring we remain the world’s most vibrant economy,” Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Parson wrote this week. “Jobs are being created and companies are investing more in growth because they know they can trust Trump to make the right decisions.”

Read Lt. Gov. Parson’s op-ed in full here.

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St. Patrick’s Day and Irish heritage in America 
Today, Ireland’s Taoiseach—Ireland’s term for its head of government—is visiting the White House ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. Leo Varadkar, who has served as Taoiseach since last June, continues a long tradition of visits from Ireland’s leader to the United States to mark the international Irish holiday.

The Taoiseach’s visit offers a moment to reflect on the importance of the Irish people and their descendants to American history. These contributions date back to our Nation’s beginning: At least eight signers of the Declaration of Independence, including four of the Founding Fathers, had Irish roots.

“As we spend this month honoring Irish Americans, we also pledge to further strengthen our relationship with the Emerald Isle itself,” President Trump wrote in his Proclamation honoring Irish-American Heritage Month.

Go deeper: St. Patrick’s Day and Irish heritage in American history


President Donald J. Trump at the Boeing Building 75  | March 14, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


This morning, President Trump welcomes Prime Minister Leo Varadkar of Ireland to the White House. The two leaders, along with Vice President Mike Pence, will participate in an expanded bilateral meeting. The President and Vice President will then travel to the U.S. Capitol to attend the Friends of Ireland luncheon.

In the afternoon, the President and Vice President will meet with members of the American Petroleum Institute. Shortly after, the President will meet with Bill Gates.

This evening, the President, Vice President, and First Lady will welcome Prime Minister Varadkar back to the White House to participate in the Shamrock Bowl Presentation.

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