Wednesday, March 14, 2018

They're AIDING Criminals And Endangering YOU!

What to know about sanctuary cities 
During President Donald J. Trump’s visit to California yesterday to examine prototypes for a border wall with Mexico, he explained the danger of “sanctuary cities” that refuse to cooperate with lawful Federal immigration enforcement.
“California’s sanctuary policies are illegal and unconstitutional and put the safety and security of our entire nation at risk,” the President tweeted. “Thousands of dangerous & violent criminal aliens are released as a result of sanctuary policies.”
A few important facts about sanctuary cities:
  • When sanctuary city officials warn illegal aliens about possible upcoming enforcement activities, they allow criminals to prepare themselves—and thus endanger innocent bystanders.
  • Sanctuary policies in California have allowed the release of numerous criminals charged with serious crimes who could continue to harm communities. 
  • If Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials cannot arrest criminals in the controlled environments of police stations or jails, they must perform these duties in workplaces, in residences, or on the streets.
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Why cutting taxes is good for American workers 
This afternoon, President Trump will pay a visit to St. Louis, Missouri, to tour a Boeing manufacturing plant before joining a roundtable with workers and executives from 10 Missouri companies. U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will also participate in the discussion.
Boeing offers just one of hundreds of examples of business tax reform paying off for America’s workers. After President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law in December, the company announced it would invest about $600 million in its employees.
The Council of Economic Advisers recently explained why tax cuts have been so important for the U.S. economy: “Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the shift away from worldwide taxation toward a territorial system ends the penalty on companies headquartered in the United States.”

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Human trafficking is an affront to human dignity 
With millions affected worldwide, human trafficking is a global atrocity that deprives millions of their universal human rights. President Trump is taking a stand to stop it in its tracks.
“My Administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking,” the President said. “And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.”
This month, President Trump appointed nine human trafficking survivors to serve on the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking. And in light of the impending Senate vote on H.R. 1865—the FOSTA-SESTA legislative package designed to fight online sex trafficking—the Administration hosted a roundtable on human trafficking to discuss the path forward on this crucial issue.

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President Donald J. Trump at Joint Base Andrews  | March 13, 2018 (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)


Today, President Trump will travel to St. Louis, Missouri, where he will tour the Boeing Company. The President will then participate in a roundtable discussion about tax cuts and tax reform.

This afternoon, Vice President Mike Pence participates in a swearing-in ceremony for Russ Vought as the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

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