Saturday, August 14, 2021

A Must See Video IF You Care About Freedom

Meet Jack Denton. He was a student at Florida State University. After expressing his Catholic beliefs, Jack was berated by fellow students during a seven-hour student government meeting and called transphobic, racist, and a bigot. Then he was stripped of his position as President of the Student Senate. Jack was canceled. All because he stood up for his faith… on a public campus. But here’s the thing: Students don’t surrender their First Amendment rights as soon as they enter a public university. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Yet many college campuses have become places where freedom of speech is under threat. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is fighting back. ADF filed a lawsuit on Jack’s behalf, and after a hard-fought legal battle, the student government reinstated Jack as Student Senate President. Victories like this matter. But with countless students nationwide facing opposition for living out their faith, ADSF's work is far from over. They need your support!

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