Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Photos: PPRA Gold Medal Award Luncheon

Philadelphia Public Relations Association (PPRA) President Chris Lukach  with NBC 10 anchor ReneeChenault-Fattah at today's Gold Medal Award luncheon at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. (All photos by Bonnie Squires.)

PPRA President Chris Lukach and honoree David L. Cohen, Executive Vice President of  Comcsat Corporation.

PPRA Gold medal recipient David L. Choen and his wife, Rhona (center) with Gold Medal Committee co-chairs Lisette Bralow and Mark Tarasiewicz.

We had a great time today at the Philadelphia Public Relations Association's annual Gold Medal Award luncheon at the beautiful ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Hotel on the Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia. 
In addition to those shown above, so many well-known Philadelphia figures were there including former Mayor and former Governor Ed Rendell, Mayor Michael Nutter, legendary Philly TV anchorman Larry Kane and NBC 10 TV's Terry Ruggles. 
Kudos to Gold Medal Committee co-chairs Lisette Bralow and Mark Tarasiewicz who did such a wonderful job putting this event together. And bravo to PPRA President Chris Lukach of Anne Klein Communications Group who presided over the afternoon in a manner that made us all proud.

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