Sunday, November 20, 2011

Matthews' Obama 'Thrill' Gone, But Don't Be Fooled!

You remember Chris Matthews, don't you?
He's the MSNBC gasbag who got a chill (or was it a thrill?) up his leg every time Obama spoke. He's one of the people who sainted The One. He's also an old liberal apologist who once worked for Jimmy Carter.
Anyway, as this video suggests, Matthews now seems disenchanted with Obama.
But don't be fooled.
Either Matthews is all hot 'n bothered because some people at the White House aren't taking his calls and/or he's trying to offer the White House some advice because it's finally dawned on him that Obama's really in trouble.
Like all the other libs, Chris Matthews will come around and cheer on Obama when the time comes -- and you can also bet he won;t hesitate to arbitrarily bash the GOP nominee as well.
Some things never change.

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