Monday, November 14, 2011

Review: Bobby's Burger Palace, Cherry Hill

Even though Bobby's Burger Palace (BBP) at the Cherry Hill Mall (the eighth to debut) has been open for a couple of weeks, there are still lines of customers waiting to taste Bobby Flay's 100% certified angus beef burgers.
And with good reason.
The burgers are fresh and juicy (without being greasy), the fries are likewise fresh and hand cut, the service is excellent, the prices are reasonable and the place is bright, alive, and zippy inside with a clean, sleek retro 60s feel that makes you want to keep coming back.
Here's the way BBP works: You enter and place your order. You choose from a variety of speciality burgers or just a plain 'ole cheeseburger (though nothing is plain nor old here) and then you take a seat at the counter or one of the tables. All seats are cushy and comfortable with bright green padded seats and backs. The menu also includes ground turkey or chicken burgers, onion rings, grilled cheese sandwiches, a topless burger salad and shakes and malts.
The classic six-ounce burger comes with lettuce, tomato, American cheese and fresh onion. Of course, there are other varieties of burgers as well. A selection of sauces for your burger (along with ketchup and mustard) are available at your table. The fries (which are truly aromatic with the scent of fresh potato when they arrive) are served in a metal bin with their own dipping sauce. The burgers are served in real plates and yes, you will also receive real silverware. No cardboard, bags or paper wrapping here.
The staff is friendly, prompt and very helpful
And the burgers are fries are -- well, let's just say they certainly live up to the name Bobby Flay. I ordered my burger well done and it was still plump. juicy and succulent. 
Bubby encourages you to get your burger crunchified. This is an exclusive with BBP. We thought this meant that the burger would be cooked with a potato chip crust. But it simply means is that the burger will be topped with chips. We urge you to press down on the inviting sesame seed bun and c-r-u-n-c-h your chips onto (and into) the burger. That's crunchified!
We enjoyed two burgers, two drinks and shared a portion of fries and our tab was less than $23. with tax.
Appealing, and well worth every penny.
BTW: All of the photos above were taken during our visit.
Hurry on over to Bobby's!
Photos copyright 2011 by Dan Cirucci.

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