Monday, November 28, 2011

Obama & Co. Intent On Smearing Romney

President Obama and his Democrat allies continue their "kill Romney" campaign - a mere 344 days before the general election - by launching a new attack ad in a half-dozen states they are worried about losing.

Sadly, this isn't surprising. You need no reminding that President Obama's economic record is the worst of any president in modern history. And to avoid addressing this administration's abject failure to create a single net new job, Obama's campaign continues to distract by focusing negative attacks against its greatest threat - Mitt Romney.

But it's politics as usual for the Obama White House. In 2008, Obama's political machine claimed a certain candidate "parses and calculates and shifts for political position," was "not seen as trustworthy by the American people," and ranked as "one of the most secretive politicians in America today." John McCain? No. His Secretary of State-appointee, Hillary Clinton.

Is that what they still think of our Secretary of State - or is this simply another example of knowing no bounds in seeking political power?

The American people have now seen what three years of "Hope and Change" looks like - we're not about to sign up for four more. Please share this message with a friend or family member and help us hold President Obama accountable.

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