Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nothin Could Be Finah Than To Be In . . . .

"Good Mawnin!"
It's so nice to hear that lilting greeting once again -- and so wonderful to be around people who speak in gentle, melodic tones.
Yes, we're in the lush, beautiful Southland, here in South Carolina'a Lowcountry.
We always associate The South with gentility, warm hospitality, cherished traditions and good manners.
It's true: The South really is different. It's one of the only areas of our increasingly-homogenized nation that still retains its own individuality; its own special character and identity.
And in the summer in the South, everything just moves a little slower. And that's just fine with us. Lazy southern days suit us. They allow us plenty of time to savor the South's natural wonders and soak up all that South Carolina's beguiling Low Country has to offer.
We're at at our southern comand center on beautiful Hilton Head Island. And we're lovin it, as always.
We  take long walks or cycle casually under lush live oaks and tall pines. Miles of endlessly smooth, inviting beaches welcome us. No struggles to find a spot on the beach here -- and no beach fees. The ocean is calm and warm -- no shivers! Just walk right in.
There's nothing not to like here. But it's the people that we like most. They're friendly and most appear to be sensible and well-grounded. Intact families are the norm here -- not the exception. 
Likewise, small towns and villages (and small town values) abound.
We'll be here for an extended period of time (Can you blame us?) but we'll still be in tune with the day's headlines and the events of the world. And we'll still be commenting on the current scene, politics, the arts and the popular culture. Plus now, we'll be interspersing all of that with reflections on Summer (our favorite season), Hilton Head and life in the South.
We'll also share photos with you.
Stay tuned!

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