Friday, June 21, 2013

Gandolfini's Last Meal: Rome Details Revealed

Sabantini Ristorante in Rome, where actor James Gandolfini ate his last meal.
Prior to his death from an apparent heart attack actor James Gandolfini, vacationing in Rome, ate and drank like a potentate at Sabatini in the city's Trastevere neighborhood.
Dining with his son Michael, Ganndolfini according to news reports had four shots of rum,  two pina coladas, two beers, two orders of fried prawns smeared with a rich mayonnaise chili sauce and a large portion of foie gras (fattened duck or goose livers).
Three hours later Gandolfini's son discovered his father in cardiac arrest in their fourth-floor hotel room. It reportedly took six man to carry Gandolfini out of the room.
Gandolfini was said to have a serious drinking problem and reportedly joined Alcoholics Anonymous for a time but apparently did not stick with the program.

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