Thursday, June 27, 2013

Christie On Gay Marriage: True To Convictions

Some of our liberal friends are angry with Governor Christie this morning because he strongly reiterated his long-standing opposition to gay marriage. 
They say that Christie is deliberately playing to the conservatives in his own party. But Christie holds (and has always held) some positions that conservatives like and some that they don't like. As far as anyone cal tell, he doesn't hold his finger to the wind before taking a stand.
So, think about this for a moment: If Christie was afraid of a "wing" of his party or of "losing votes" he might actually act as the Clintons did and do a 180 -- change his position completely; not just on this, but on any convenient issue. In other words, mollify. 
Or he might act as Biden and Obama did or DOMA -- do a complete turnaround and claim to be "evolved." That's what liberals and the lapdog dominant media call political expediency now -- "evolved." 
But Christie hasn't done that. He has remained true to his convictions and called it as he sees it. 
On the other hand, liberal logic is all about expediency: Get what you want at any cost. Demonize Paula Deen because she may have used an ethnic slur 30 years ago (even though she's profusely remorseful) but embrace the Clintons, Obama, Biden and the suddenly "highly evolved" in the warm waters of kumbaya. 

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