Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Total: 31 Dem NJ Officeholders Now Back Christie

Here is a very special message from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie:

I've watched politics in this state most of my life, and I never thought I'd see days like this.

Last week, 23 Democrats - elected officials and community leaders – from the Democratic stronghold of Essex County stood up in support of me.

Add in the recent endorsements of Democratic State Senator Brian Stack, all four Union City Commissioners, and Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider, and 31 Democrat elected officials have endorsed our campaign.

This has been an incredible month!

Will you stand with me, too, with a contribution of $35, $50 or even $100 today?

Video: Powerful Testimonials

Click Here to Watch the Powerful Testimonials from Essex County

This stands as a powerful testament to the way we've governed, the leadership we've shown, and the results we've produced for people in every corner of our state.

But, our job isn't done yet. I need your help and support to maintain the momentum in this campaign.

Your contribution of $35, $50 or $100 today will help ensure that New Jersey stays on the right path.

Thank you for your critical support,

Chris Christie

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