Monday, June 17, 2013

We Can Flip That Mass. Senate Seat With Your Help!

A special message from the Massachusetts GOP:

Liberal Democrat Ed Markey is feeling the heat. Three weeks ago, he asked his D.C. insider buddies for help with his stagnant campaign, so they sent Michelle Obama to Boston to host a fundraiser. That wasn't enough, so the next week Al Gore and Joe Biden hosted a fundraiser for him. Then, Ed Markey called the President of the United States and asked him to get on Air Force One and fly to Boston to raise even more money. But even that wasn't enough, so this weekend Bill Clinton came to town to try and jumpstart Ed Markey's campaign. It's non-stop. Each passing day seems to bring a different D.C. insider.

Gabriel Gomez is not a D.C. insider. He's a former Navy SEAL, a businessman and a family man, and he'll go to Washington D.C. to shake up the status quo. Gabriel stands for term limits while Ed Markey has been in congress for 37 years. Gabriel wants answers on Benghazi, but Ed Markey thinks we're just being mean to Hilary Clinton. Gabriel is out knocking on doors and taking his message to voters as Ed Markey brings his D.C. buddies to Massachusetts to try and win this race for him.

In just eight days, voters in Massachusetts go to the polls. MassVictory stands with Gabriel Gomez and is working overtime to ensure that our get out the vote operation is the best this state has ever seen. In a special election with low turnout, getting our supporters to the polls could be the difference between Ed Markey getting a promotion or Gabriel Gomez shaking up Washington D.C.

Please support MassVictory by making a contribution today. With only eight days remaining, your support is critical. The Democrats won't stop fighting to keep their stranglehold on the Senate - let's make sure that we step up at this key moment as well.

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Thank you,
Nate LittleExecutive Director
Massachusetts Republican Party

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