Monday, June 17, 2013

Pope Calls For Protection Of Innocent, Defenseless

"At the end of the Eucharist dedicated to the Gospel of Life,” Pope Francis said, before praying the Angelus Sunday, “I am pleased to recall that yesterday, in Carpi, Italy, Edward Focherini, husband, father of seven, and journalist, was proclaimed Blessed. Captured and imprisoned out of hatred for the Catholic faith, he died in the concentration camp of Hersbruck, Germany, in 1944 at the age of 37. He saved many Jews from Nazi persecution. Along with the Church in Carpi, we give thanks to God for this witness of the Gospel of Life!”

Francis then thanked all those who had come to Rome from various places in Italy and throughout the world, especially, “families and those who work directly for the promotion and protection of life”. He also greeted the 150 members of the “Gravida” Association from Argentina, who were gathered in the city of Pilar, encouraging them to continue with their work.

“I greet,” he added, “the many participants in the Harley-Davidson motorcycle rally and the members of the Motorcycle Club of the Italian State Police.”

“Now, let us turn to the Virgin, entrusting all human life, especially the most fragile, defenceless, and threatened, to her maternal protection,” the pontiff concluded.

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