Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Did Wolf Steal Slogan From House Of Cards' Russo?

You’ve got to hand it to millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf – he’s so eager to plagiarize everything he possibly can that he even edited his personal (and by “personal” we mean “plagiarized”) campaign plan to more accurately rip off a fictitious campaign that is part of a storyline in House of Cards, a popular Netflix show.

As stated by Time Magazine on February 11, 2014, “A wealthy businessman running for governor [in Pennsylvania] is proudly declaring “a fresh start” as his motto. That sounds an awful like the campaign motto used by Peter Russo, the fictional politician from the Netflix political thriller House of Cards, who was also a Democrat running for Pennsylvania governor.”
Photo courtesy of Politics PA

However, plagiarizing millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf must have noticed thatTime Magazine called him out for not completely plagiarizing the Netflix show:

“OK, in fairness, Russo used an exclamation point—”A fresh start!”— and Wolf throws in a “For Pennsylvania.” But still.”

“But still” is right!

Wolf clearly didn’t take it well to the news of Time Magazine calling him out for failing to plagiarize properly, because his plagiarized campaign plan now corrects the discrepancies between the fictitious House of Cards show and his own campaign:
 Photo courtesy of Wolf for PA (aka Pennsylvania Taxpayers & SERS Employees)
Note that the exclamation point is now present, and the “for Pennsylvania” has been removed. You’ve got to hand it to millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf – he sure loves properly plagiarizing!

Also, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention our home state political website,, which Time Magazine attributes (read: gives credit to, a term clearly lost on the Wolf Campaign) the photo to Politics PA.

View Politics PA’s original article HERE.

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