Monday, April 21, 2014

How A Weaker America Exacerbates Crisis

A very special message from the Independence Hall Tea Party:

Dear Members and Friends,

As we celebrate the Easter/Passover season, we would be remiss if we didn't mention our concern for our Ukrainian brethren who are living under constant threat of Russian aggression without the proper means to defend themselves.

After a recent revolt against a corrupt Russian-backed puppet government, the Ukrainian people celebrated a short-lived victory in their struggle to attain personal and economic liberty.

Only a day after the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi,

Vladimir Putin's grand design on the Ukraine became very apparent.

Under Vladimir Putin's leadership, the Russian people have been put on notice that their government is willing to risk its relationships with western nations in order to expand territorial ambitions reminiscent of the Soviet era.

Of course, the reaction of the Obama administration to the Russian government's annexation of Crimea has been tepid at best. Instead of assembling a strong NATO presence in the region that would put Mr. Putin on notice, the US and its European allies have responded with the weakest of sanctions.

At the very least, the US should have already arranged a military aid package designed to provide Ukrainians with the weaponry needed to stave off further Russian aggression.

In fact, Mr. Putin's mischief can be easily laid at the White House door of President Obama who has so willingly prostrated himself before our known enemies and potential adversaries at grave risk to our national security and the security of our allies.

And one cannot underestimate the personal corruption of Mr. Putin, whose enormous personal wealth is directly related to his career as a Russian apparatchik. (Click the following link for related story.)

Association member John Sullivan has started a Facebook page in support of Ukrainian Sovereignty. Please visit his page by clicking the following link:

We hope you will forward the link to your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

2014 Tri-Sate Tax Day Congressional Scorecard 

Association Board Member Cort Rosholt, the architect of our 2014 Tax Day Congressional Scorecard, compiled a cross section of over 40 key US House and Senate votes.

The scorecard makes it painfully obvious that, unlike the claims of many pundits, there is a major difference in the voting records of Democrats and Republicans.

In the House and Senate, Democrats received a conservative approval rating of between 0% and 14%. The Republican approval rating was between 67% and 98%--with the average score over 80%.

To check the scores of your Representative and Senators, please click the following link and slightly scroll down the center of the page:

We hope you find Cort's scorecard both as illuminating and instructive as we did.


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