Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Obama And Obamacare Are Losers, Poll Says

For months, we've been telling you that Obama is tanking.
For months, we've been warning that he really has no coherent foreign policy and that his actions in the face of the crisis in Ukraine were marking him as weak and inept. We also warned that the appointments of Kerry and Hagel were mistakes that would boomerang and that people still had concerns about Benghazi, the domestic spying, IRS harassment of the Tea Party and other matters.
For years, we pointed out that Obamacare was an outrageous overreach and that people did not support such a massive power grab by the federal government.
And now (though not for the first time) the numbers validate what we've been saying.

  • In the latest ABC News, Washington Post Poll President Obama's poll numbers have sunk to a new low -- a 41% approval rating. At the same time, a clear majority of respondents disapprove of the job that Obama is doing.
  • On Obamacare, a mere 37% of respondents approve. 
  • And on the situation in the Ukraine, Obama gets a dismal 34% rating.
  • As for the economy, Obamanomics has bombed out as well, scoring a rating of 42%. In fact, only 28% think the economy is getting better. 
  • And, how about this: 53% say they want Republican control of Congress to check Obama’s power.

Suppose you scored 41% on a test? Hmmm? You'd be bounced. You failed, miserably.
Here's the bottom line: Obama's stature has shrunk. People have lost confidence in him. They're not pleased with the economy. They don't want Obamacare. They don't like being spied on or having the IRS harass groups or individuals. And they're worried about the situation in Ukraine and throughout the world. They're not happy.
Now, our liberal friends choose to ignore this. They're still looking for distractions and/or scapegoats so they won't have to face it all.
But none of it bodes well for Democrats and their liberal supporters.
The clock is ticking . . . . . . .

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