Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pro Sports: A Tawdry, Disgusting Sham

We hate having to say this, but we fear it's true: The entire Donald Sterling imbroglio demonstrates what a sham pro sports seems to be. 
Much of it is corrupt and phony and the fans are frequently complicit because they enable all the hypocrisy. 
Too often, owners cover for one another; GMs and coaches cover for owners; players cover for owners, GMs, coaches and one another; sports media cover for all of them and fans simply don't bother to care one way or another so long as the teams are giving them what they want -- gladiatorial thrills. 
Nobody gets called out unless he or she gets caught in a Very Big Way. Bottom line: Through it all, the fans willingly pay the exorbitant ticket prices that fund the whole thing -- which actually makes them pawns in the entire scheme. 
And while these pawns (aka "suckers') may be all worked up right now, they'll get over it pronto and everything will be back to "normal" in no time. 
Be sure of this: the Big Boys (owners, players, managers, coaches, major sports media) will continue to live high -- and that includes Sterling who will keep his "FU Money". 
Bread and circuses -- that's what it's all about. Bread and circuses! 

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