Monday, May 26, 2014

Could These Be The Best Donuts Ever?

Do you like donuts?
Well, we know where you can find some of the very best donuts, ever.
These are custom-made donuts -- each one personally crafted just for you. You can chose from 10 different donut coatings (from bare to peanut butter) and four different luscious toppings (including coconut and rainbow sprinkles) to create the perfect donut of your choice. These are extraordinary donuts -- every single one is fresh, warm and delicious. And that are designed to be eaten promptly or, barring that, briefly rewarmed in a microwave for just a few seconds.
But to enjoy these donuts you must go to one of Duck Donuts four locations at North Carolina's Outer Banks or their stores in Williamsburg or Virginia Beach, Virginia.
We tried the new store in Virginia Beach and we loved it.
Look at the photos and dream of these magical, fresh, warm treats!

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