Friday, May 30, 2014

Now! The Dan Cirucci Blog In Russia!

For those of you who have been wondering where the Dan Cirucci Blog will turn up next -- here we are.
We are in Russia in historic St. Petersburg, the city that was created by Peter the Great because of its proximity to waterways and trade routes.
We've just arrived on a train from Helsinki -- a lovely train ride through forests and over and around lakes.
And we've just gotten settled on board the beautiful Viking Ingvard, one of the Viking River Cruise ships. We'll be here for twelve days cruising the Waterways of the Czars.
We'll be visiting both small towns and large cities in Russia on what is bound to be a memorable journey that will culminate with out arrival in Moscow.
So, stay with us as we take you to Russia on an unforgettable adventure.
And come back to the blog regularly as we update you with photos.
Here we go, as we discover the world's largest nation. All aboard!

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