Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jackie Revealed In Just-Released Letters - Video

Jacqueline Bouvier knew of John F. Kenndey's philandering ways before she married. him.
She was wary, but still fascinated with the prospect of being married to an ambitious, wealthy, famous personality. And all this occurred after a true-love romance went south.
Now, a cache of never-before-released letters from Jacqueline Kennedy to an Irish priest reveal an all too human Jackie and, later a sometimes lonely First Lady.
Starting from when she first met the Rev. Joseph Leonard on a trip to Ireland in 1950 until he died in 1964, she wrote him more than two dozen letters.
The letters to Leonard go up for sale next month at Sheppard's Irish Auction House.
Many people feel that these letters now amount to an "unpublished autobiography" of one of the most famous and widely-admired women of the 20th century.

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