Friday, May 23, 2014

Notre Dame, G'town Stray From Catholic Heritage

May 23, 2014
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Here is a very special message from
the Cardinal Newman Society:

Dear friends,

It's happening again at Notre Dame.

Remember when Roxanne Martino resigned from Notre Dame's board of trustees just weeks after being appointed, and after The Cardinal Newman Society reported that she had donated large sums to a pro-abortion organization?

And remember when, after Notre Dame's scandalous honors to President Barack Obama, Notre Dame's Father John Jenkins pledged the University's fidelity to the Church's pro-life teaching?

Now, despite its lawsuit against the Obama administration's "HHS mandate," Notre Dame has appointed a public advocate of the mandate to its board of trustees. Our reporters have again done their good work, uncovering the fact that Katie Washington, a past Notre Dame valedictorian, in 2012 joined in public opposition to the U.S. Bishops and "any employer — religious or otherwise — that would refuse to provide full insurance coverage, including contraception." She endorsed the HHS mandate, which also forces coverage of sterilization and abortion-causing drugs.

Our friend Bill Dempsey of the Sycamore Trust, an alumni group supporting Notre Dame's Catholic identity, worries: "Notre Dame has just handed the government a loaded gun in its lawsuit."

Meanwhile, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said this week that his alma mater Georgetown is "not Catholic anymore."

Please pray for Notre Dame, for Georgetown, and for all of the Newman Society's work to promote and defend faithful Catholic education. We will continue to shine the light and bring the truth to Catholic families.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Patrick Reilly

1 comment:

mjloehrer said...

Reprehensible what these universities are teaching. Sadly, and unless I'm mistaken, the bulk of them are controlled by the Jesuits.