Friday, May 16, 2014

Group Moves to Stop NJ Anti-Privatization Push

In New Jersey, Americans for Prosperity is assailing an anti-privatization measure, Bill A2873, which the pro-taxpayer group says will hurt taxpayers and make it harder for the State and local governments to rein in costs.

“This is yet another blatant payoff to Big Labor special interests over taxpayers,” said AFP state director Daryn Iwicki. “For all the talk we hear from some politicians in Trenton about having to cut costs and being better stewards of taxpayer dollars, this bill is proof positive otherwise.”

Iwicki provided testimony against the anti-privatization measure today before the Assembly Labor Committee, noting that the prevailing wage mandate in A2873 would eradicate any chance at costs savings.

“Prevailing wage is big reason why it costs New Jersey an exorbitant amount of money to build and maintain our roads and why the Transportation Trust Fund has been bled dry. How can we expect contractors to save us money if they’re forced to pay higher inflated prevailing wages to their workers?”

“This bill imposes all kinds of onerous mandates on any business that contracts with the State. Why would a private business owner even bother when they have to disclose private information about their workers, including their gender or the salary they’re making?,” Iwicki asked.

“It’s pretty obvious to anyone who the supporters of this bill have pledged their allegiance to—and it’s not New Jersey taxpayers. Otherwise, why throw up every roadblock imaginable to privatizing government services at the State and local level?”

“The State is enormous fiscal trouble at the moment; a crisis borne out of fiscal irresponsibility in Trenton. This is just the latest example. The last thing legislators in should be doing is telling local governments how to run their towns given the mess they’ve made in Trenton.”

State Director Iwicki’s testimony can be found here starting at the 31-minute mark.

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