Wednesday, May 14, 2014

'No Negative Ads?' . . . Who's Wolf Kidding?

In Pennsylvania, the Corbett-Cawley campaign today criticized the latest round of flagrant hypocrisy courtesy of millionaire Secretary Tom Wolf who recently stated that he would not run negative campaign ads in his campaign for governor. 

 This latest contradiction from Wolf comes despite the fact that he currently has seven negative campaign ads attacking Governor Tom Corbett. This is just the latest round of hypocrisy from Secretary Tom Wolf who continues to engage in a pattern of conduct plagued with contradictions.

“Is there no end to Tom Wolf’s hypocrisy? To say that he won’t run negative TV ads when he has already spent nearly a year and millions of dollars running a negative campaign against Governor Tom Corbett is the latest proof that Wolf is your typical politician who will do or say anything to win an election,” stated Corbett-Cawley campaign manager Mike Barley. “It is just the latest example of how Tom Wolf has not been straight with the public, and Pennsylvanians deserve answers to what else is hiding behind his publicly-financed television ads.”

In an interview with WHYY, Wolf said he would not run negative ads. “That's not who I am, and I think it lays out a very good contrast,” stated Wolf. 

He drew on his service in the Peace Corps to explain why he would not run negative ads, stating “I was in the peace corps in India and understand and have read a lot about Gandhi. Gandhi felt that you can't separate means and ends, that you can't pretend to serve noble ends by getting there through ignoble means. And I think that's true of politics and a democracy.”

Well, there was only one Gandhi.

As for Wolf, he appears to be just another politician, albeit one with tons of dough and a limitless supply of negative ads.

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