Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hilton Head's Splendid Carnival Of Natural Colors!

One of our favorite places on Hilton Head Island is a veritable carnival of natural colors.
But you needn't take a walk in a forest or through a swamp to find it.
And there's no admission price. It's free and open to everyone.
Of course, everything inside is for sale and some tables feature merchandise priced for a mere dollar. Every inch of the place is packed with items borne of natural minerals. The whole thing is like a trip to exotic spots all around the world. The place is also a favorite destination for kids because so many items are wonderfully affordable and they can learn about faraway places and crafts.
We're talking about Black Market Minerals at Coligny Plaza on North Forest Beach Drive.
Take a look at all there is to enjoy -- and buy!

All photos copyright 2013, 2014  by Dan Cirucci.

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