Thursday, July 24, 2014

NJAFP Blasts Sweeney Suggestions On AC

Americans for Prosperity is taking aim at comments made by Senate President Steve Sweeney yesterday suggesting Atlantic City become an Abbott district—a move the pro-taxpayer group says would force a tax hike on other residents across the state.
“Property taxes in this state are insanely high because of the Abbottdecisions and the millions upon millions taxpayers send to these districts. The only way there will ever be real property tax relief is to get rid of our state’s unfair and unjust school funding formula and bring fairness to the system. We shouldn’t be adding more Abbott districts, we should be getting rid of them,” commented Mike Proto communications director.
“Just where does Sen. Sweeney think the money will come from?” Proto queried. “Turning AC into an Abbott district would open the floodgates. Tens of millions of school aid dollars would be diverted from all of the state’s non-Abbotts cheating them even more of their fair share and forcing those towns to raise property taxes to make up the difference.  We just don’t feel it is fair to take more away from rural students who have already seen so many extracurricular activities cut off due to lack of funding.”
“Atlantic City has received enough of the taxpayer’s largesse already and it has been a miserable failure. Likewise, the Abbott experiment has been a miserable failure, trapping thousands of students in failing schools that rob them of their future. Despite sending hundreds of millions into Abbotts like Asbury Park, more than $30,000 per student, half their kids still aren’t graduating.”
“Sen. Sweeney may have heard the complaints of taxpayers on AC who have seen their property taxes go up, yet when it comes to the complaints from taxpayers in the rest of the state he’s turned a deaf ear. And his ludicrous idea of turning AC into an Abbott will only take a bad situation and make it even worse.”
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