Saturday, August 22, 2015

What Are Joe Biden And Elizabeth Warren Up To?

So, here's the story: Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren had a private meeting today at the Vice President's official residence in Washington.
Very private.
Now, what do you suppose they talked about?
Nah -- they didn't talk about the weather. And they probably didn't even talk about global warming or climate change or whatever hopelessly correct liberals call that concoction these days.
And they probably skipped topics like the current stock market crash, the selling of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood or the new revelations that the Iran deal basically allows Iran to police it's own adherence to the terms of the deal. Nope.
You can bet that instead of all that, they talked 2016 politics.
They talked about the presidential campaign.
Biden needs to bolster his liberal creds if he wants to wrestle the nomination away from Hillary and that lovable, beat-up 'ole socialist Bernie who's pulling at her Hillary's pant leg.
Warren has those liberal creds. And, she's a relatively new face. And, she's a woman.
So, here's the deal: Biden announces his candidacy, says he'll only serve for four years, picks Warren as his running mate (maybe even announcing that super early) and Warren takes over in 2020. In fact, if he wins with Warren, maybe Biden even leaves office in his fourth year so Warren can get a head start for 2020.
And don't be surprised if Obama and Valerie [Svengali] Jarrett aren't part of all this since it would nail Hillary once and for all.
Yep, it all makes perfect sense.
Just remember, you heard it here first.

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