Sunday, August 23, 2015

Obama Poll Numbers Dive; Americans Disenchanted

A New CNN/ORC poll has very, very bad news for President Obama.
Let's go right to the numbers:

  • More than 50% of the polls respondents now disapprove  of how Obama is handling the presidency.
  • A majority of Americans (52%) now disapprove of how the president handles both the economy and foreign affairs.
  • More than half of those polled now say that things are going badly and that the president's policies would move us in the wrong direction.
  • A whopping 62% disapprove of the president's handling of ISIS.
  • 60% disapprove of the president's handling of Iran. This is not good news for the proposed Iran deal.
  • A very telling statistic: Only 42% of independents approve of Obama's job performance and even a third of Democrats disapprove of his handling of Iran and ISIS.

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