Thursday, August 27, 2015

Inside A Private World Of Fame, Fortune

We had almost forgotten these.
These are extraordinary artifacts from some of the most legendary stars and public figures ever. We photographed them a few years ago in Manhattan shortly before they were auctioned off at a major auction house on the upper east side.
We thought we'd share them with you now.

These are the actual Ten Commandments that Moses (Charlton Heston) accepted from God in the epic Cecil B. DeMille movie of the same name. 

An engraved cigarette case presented to Clark Gable by producer David O. Selznick upon the completion of the movie Gone With The Wind.

Frank Sinatra's silver chain-link Cartier watch.

A handwritten letter from Joe DiMaggio to Marilyn Monroe. To him she was "Merlyn."

A not-so-flattering photograph of Marilyn Monroe apparently taken near the end of her life.

The presidential seal on the blue lap blanket from the presidential limousine that transported President John F. Kennedy through Dallas on the day he was assassinated.

A gold and diamond pendant that Elvis Presley wore around his neck when he toured in concert. The pendant is displayed by the vivacious Carole Cirucci.

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