Thursday, May 12, 2016

If We're Writing About THIS, Then You Can Assume THAT

Here's the deal: If we're taking the time to write about a restaurant, a movie, a play, an art exhibition or a travel destination it's probably because we liked it.
Get it?
We don't waste a lot of time writing about things we don't (or didn't) enjoy.
Unless we tell you otherwise, we are usually not remunerated in any way for our reviews or observations. We call them as we see them. And yes, sometimes we will pan a movie or a play or a performance or an eatery. In some cases, we won't hesitate to tell you if the situation is really, really bad.
But if something is truly forgettable, then we're more likely to simply forget about it. And we'll likely not write about it here.
Politics, power-brokers and celebrities are quite another matter. In those cases, we do tell you in no uncertain terms who and what we like and who and what we don't like. Why? Because politics and power brokers and the popular culture that the attention-grabers feed on are just too damned important not to lay it all our for you.
When it comes to who should be in office and what policies they should be following -- when it comes to your life, your freedom and liberty and your future -- we do want to influence your thoughts and actions, in a good way. We want you to think the right way and vote the right way. We have a point of view and we're not shy about advancing it.
And we love to expose phonies and slay those who seize or use power without public approval (in many, many cases without even being elected) as well as those who abuse power at will. Our targets are elitism, arrogance and the trumped up, Oz-like world of those who would presume to redistribute your income, mess with the social order of your world, put your safety and security at risk or limit competition, the free enterprise system and the free-exchange of ideas.
There, we won't hesitate to identify targets and go after them.
Our philosophy: Live life to the fullest and share abundantly to make a difference for the better.
So, now that you know what we're all about, stay tuned.
Because we're out to provoke, inspire and have fun.

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