Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Unbelievable? Not Really, Because It's True: VIDEO!

This incredible video shows just how shallow the Democrats' 1996 promises really were.
Bill Clinton said then what Donald Trump is proposing now -- almost exactly the same proposals and almost word-for-word.
The Congress applauded President Clinton's proposals then. What's more, the media wholeheartedly supported Clinton and the Democrats at that time. But, what happened? Nothing! Things only got worse.
And they got worse and worse not only under Clinton but under his successors (both Democrat and Republican) as well. In short, nothing happened!
So now, Trump is simply playing catch-up on things first proposed twenty years ago!
And people are screaming like this is something new, startling, unthinkable, outrageous?!?
C'mon. We all know better than that! And this video proves it.

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