Monday, May 2, 2016

To The Aid Of The Party . . . The Time Is Now!

If you ever took a course in touch typing (we never did) you might remember this sentence: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party."
We suppose the phrase was used in typing classes because its combination of letters in a certain sequence made for effective practice -- sort of like playing certain chords or combinations of notes on the piano.
Of course today, to be politically correct, the phrase might have to be slightly altered so that it reads "Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their party."
In any event, we're resurrecting the phrase today for a very good reason because now is truly the time for all realistic, pragmatic, well-intended Americans to come to the aid of the Republican Party and our nation by closing ranks behind the party's presumptive nominee, Donald J. Trump.
Yes, we know that there is a primary election tomorrow in Indiana and later contests in California and New Jersey. But even if Trump loses tomorrow (which must now be considered highly unlikely) he still has the numerical advantage and the momentum to capture the nomination. 
Whether you or surprised by this or not; whether you are outraged or disturbed or troubled by this or not; whether you think that Trump can go on to win it all or not, the fact remains that Trump is the likely nominee. There is no mathematical way that either or his two opponents can prevail on the first ballot and Trump goes into the convention with such a tremendous advantage that he is virtually unstoppable.
So, i f Trump is and has been your man, congratulations! You are aligned with a candidate who's proved to be remarkably effective -- someone who certainly seems to have correctly judged the tenor of the times; someone who astounded the experts and successful defied an entrenched Washington establishment.  For this feat alone, Trump has earned a fair share of credit.
But what if you can't resolve yourself to a Trump nomination?
What if you find this all-too-hard to swallow?
What if the whole thing gives you a bad case of the jitters?
If that's the case, we have three words for you: Get over it!
There is no time now for self-indulgence and childish hand-wringing. America didn't get where it is today via self-analysis or anxiety-drenched contemplation. And Americans are not in the habit of gazing at their navels. Furthermore, even though whining is now too much a part of modern life, it's still dreadfully unproductive, distracting and irritating.
So -- no whining, no philosophizing, no bitterness, no excuses and no bellyaching. 
We'll say it again: Get over it!
Get over it because our country is in trouble. We cannot afford to go any further down the current road. We cannot afford a third term of Obamunism.  
Get over it because America is a democracy and even though they spoken through a much-flawed primary system, the people have spoken loudly and clearly and they want Donald Trump to be the nominee. 
Get over it because America is not a monarchy. We don't have royal families here. That's why Republicans rightly rejected a third Bush presidency and why America must clearly reject a third Clinton term.
Get over it because we could do a lot worse than Donald Trump and that "worse" (or maybe we should say "worst") is clearly contained within the Clintonistas and all they stand for: higher taxes, bigger government, more meddling, more regulation, more collectivism, less individual freedom and up to five new ultra-liberal members of the U. S. Supreme Court. The Cintons are antiquated, damaged goods and Hillary Clinton is currently the subject of a federal criminal investigation.
Get over it because the time has come to give a good, old-fashioned kick in the butt to an entrenched, self-serving political establishment that has too often ill-served this nation and its people.
NOW is the time.
For the good of the party, the people, the nation, let's join together on behalf of the GOP nominee so that we can vanquish those who stand in the way of the greater good.
Together, now: Let's Make America Great Again!

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