Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Testament To Good Taste And Lives Well Lived

Over the weekend we had a chance to view many, many items from The Private Collection of the President and Mrs. Ronald Reagan at Christie's in Manhattan at Rockefeller Center.
All of these items will be put up for sale. The sale comprises over 700 items from the post-Presidential home in Bel Air and is split between two auctions. The live auction runs over the course of September 21 and September 22 at Christie's New York at 20 Rockefeller Plaza. In addition, there is an online only sale, which opens on the September 19 and closes over September 27 and September 28. Per President and Mrs. Reagans' wishes, the sale will benefit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute.
"The generosity and foresight of President and Mrs. Reagan ensures that the Foundation, and the presidential library it supports, will be equipped to pursue its mission," said John Heubusch, Executive Director of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute. "It is our honor to fulfill their wishes for the benefit of countless numbers who will visit the Reagan Library in the future."
The many pieces of furniture, art, silverware, dinnerware, jewelry, books, mementoes and personal items reflect the Reagans' myriad of interests including the old west, Chinese art and furnishings, politics, the movies, history, California, fashion, design and Americana. 
Please enjoy the photos that we took of many of the items:

An American folklife painting by Grandma Moses.

A wide and varied collection of elephants, many in jade.

President Reagan's doodles, on White House note paper, signed.

One of our favorite pieces, a red, white and blue bejeweled ring, gold.

A 1984 needlepoint depicting Reagan's landslide re-election sweep.

A painting by Frank Sinatra.

Some of Mrs. Reagan's day and evening handbags. The ones in the front are by Judith Leiber.
Left, rear is by Hermes and is the most valuable of the four.

The evening gown is by James Galanos . Mrs. Reagan owned in for many years but asked that it be dressed up a bit after she became First Lady, so Galanos added satin straps and bows.

All photos copyright 2016 by Dan Cirucci.

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