Saturday, September 24, 2016

Was The 'Fix' In Right From The Start? Was It?

“The fact an IT staffer maintaining Clinton’s secret server called a new retention policy designed to delete emails after 60 days a “Hillary coverup operation” suggests there was a concerted effort to systematically destroy potentially incriminating information. It’s no wonder that at least five individuals tied to the email scandal, including Clinton’s top State Department aide and attorney Cheryl Mills, secured immunity deals from the Obama Justice Department to avoid prosecution.” – Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor, Donald J. Trump campaign

In December 2014, Cheryl Mills Instituted A 60-Day Email Retention Policy For Clinton’s Email Server. “In December 2014, after the work-related emails were preserved, Mills told Platte River Networks – which at the time was managing Clinton’s private server – that Clinton ‘decided she no longer needed access to any of her e-mails older than 60 days.’ Mills instructed the PRN employee — who was not identified — ‘to modify the e-mail retention policy’ on Clinton’s server ‘to reflect this change,’ the FBI said.” (Eugene Kiely, “The FBI Files On Clinton’s Emails,, 9/7/16)

A Platte River Networks Work Ticket Dated After The New Retention Policy Was Instituted Called Clinton’s New Policies The “Hillary Coverup Operation.” (“Hillary R. Clinton Part 3 Of 3,” Federal Bureau Of Investigations. Released 9/23/16)

(Source: FBI)

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