Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Dramatic Difference Right In Front Of Us!

Patrick Cassio, a friend from Rahway, NJ writes this about last night's debate:
Who won the debate? That's always the question and it's a matter of what you were looking for. Obviously Clinton has been around and knows a lot. If you want policy wonk stuff she won hands down. But look a little closer and think about WHY Trump is doing well with many voters going back to the primary. People are TIRED of policy wonk stuff. They heard it from too many Presidents and wannabes over a generation. Trump is not a politician and that was on full display last night. But her answers to most of the questions? "Grow the middle class blah blah . . . " How many times have we been hearing that over the years? And all the foreign incursions and failures? She's been right in the middle of them -- and now she's going to be different? Bottom line: Hillary did just what she was expected to do and was smart and spot on. The problem for her is millions of Americans don't believe it anymore.Trump comes across a little naive and rough, but he looks REAL. And thats what people are looking for  -- REAL CHANGE! It took me awhile to figure out what they see. I now get it.

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