Monday, September 26, 2016

Live Blogging The Debate - Part 2

Trump is succeeding in making the first part of this debate all about companies and jobs leaving our country and he's hitting hard on NAFTA, TransPacific, bad trade deals, high taxes, regulations and other policies that are choking jobs.

As he goes on the attack, Hillary smiles and laughs.

But now Trump needs to back off a bit and Holt needs to enforce off a bit as Hillary takes more than her allotted time.

And so now Holt turns to Trump's tax returns. And Trump turns it back into a discussion of lost jobs and bad trade deals.

But Holt hits at him again -- even though he has yet to hit at Clinton. And Trump hits back by asking her to release her 30+ thousand e-mails.

Hillary's being allowed to use way more than her designated time.

She says she "made a mistake" by having a private e-mail server. Trump hits back: "That wasn't a mistake. That was deliberate. That was on purpose. And that was a disgrace. And the country thinks it was disgraceful."

Now Trump is showing his mastery of numbers and business. "We lost six trillion dollars in the Middle East. We could have rebuilt our country twice."

Now Hillary accuses Trump of building his business "on the backs of the little guys."

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