Sunday, September 18, 2016

Yes, You CAN Send A Strong Signal Right Now!

Considering the shooting of two police officers in Philly Friday night, the pipe bomb explosion in Seaside Heights yesterday and the major explosion in Manhattan  last night, we're asking all Philly Eagles fans to BOYCOTT the game and the NFL tomorrow inasmuch as some Eagles players have indicated they will not stand tomorrow for our national anthem. 
In fact, if one or more of your hometown NFL team members are participating in these inane, disrespectful activities, boycott the game.
If you are at the game and this happens, WALK OUT. 
If you are watching the game and this happens, TURN THE TV OFF. 
If you are listening to the game and this happens, TURN THE RADIO OFF. 
America -- and those who fought and died for it and those who continue to defend our country -- is way more important than any football game. 
This disrespect for our nation, at a time like this, must be answered with unity and strength and a VERY strong signal must be sent. 
If attendance goes down; if the ratings go down; if you don't buy their tickets or their products, believe me -- the NFL will get the message.
No football game is so important that it comes before the sacrifices made for our nation, our national pride and our love of country.

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