Monday, September 26, 2016

Live Blogging The Big Debate - Part One

So the debate begins

A very formal and subdued setting. And we start with the boring particulars.

The debate is separated into 15 minute segments.
Hillary emerges in red, all smiles. Beaming.
Trump towers over her and seems ready,

Holt's first question is skewed liberal and seems designed to favor Hillary. He paints a fallacious rosy picture of the economy.

Hillary looks pale and in her first answer she immediately gets somewhat wonkish. But she tries to be more human by mentioning her granddaughter's birthday.

Trump says China is using our country as a piggy bank for themselves and they're stealing our jobs. He talks about jobs fleeing Michigan and Ohio. "We have to stop our jobs from being stolen from us," he says. He focuses almost solely on the loss of jobs and says reducing taxes will stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Hillary calls Trump's plan "trickle down economics' but gets a zinger in calling it "Trumped up trickle down."

Then she knocks him: "Donald was very fortunate in his life" and goes after trump and his father. She hits him hard for getting loans from his father.

And Trump goes back to our "defective" trad agreements. Then he hits her: "She's been doing this for 30 years and why didn't she make the VAT tax and the trade agreements better?"

Trump's asked: "How do you get the jobs back?" The first thing you do, he adds "is don't allow the jobs to leave in the first place."

Hillary's on her game tonight -- so far. She's hitting hard. But Trump sees ready to fire back.

Hillary's being allowed to monopolize the debate so far and Holt is allowing her to do it. Hillary is now pressed by Trump on what SHE did and she immediately cites what her HUSBAND did to attract jobs. Get this! Can you believe this?

Trump is hitting back now. And he takes the initiative. And he pushes back hard on NAFTA and TransPacific. Now Trump regains momentum. He's letting Hillary talk and talk. And he tells her: "You are going to regulate businesses out of existence." Now Trump is on HIS game and he's going after Hillary hard.

So Holt jumps in and tries to change the subject.

Now, Hillary's beginning to get a bit shrill.

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