Monday, April 30, 2018

Above All, This Really IS Unprecedented, Yes?

President Trump is a man who acts by a complicated combination of knowledge, experience, instinct, and bombast with a bit of brinksmanship thrown in from time to time. 
There's a lot of theatricality adorning all this as well -- and it creates plenty of attention, lots of noise. 
It seems the only president that he could be compared to is Teddy Roosevelt. 
Trump has rewritten the political playbook several times over. He's a master of the modern day bully pulpit. He knows how to gain and keep the spotlight. He's keenly attuned to the popular culture because he himself is a product of that world. 
He's an entertainer, an inspirer, an entrepreneur, a motivator, a provocateur, an instantaneous visionary, a consummate dazzler, a keen negotiator and a relentless salesman all rolled into one.
He can come across as a classicist (as in the above quote) one day and an iconoclast the next, while making it all appear to be wildly plausible.
Clearly, he's here to rattle his opponents and enthrall his followers.
Love him or hate him, you've got to admit we are living through one helluva fascinating time. 
Yes, this truly is an incredible ride!

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