Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Yes, Just This Side Of Contemptuous!

Have you ever heard any of these comments:
I'm disappointed. I really expected more of you!
You really feel that way? C'mon, you're more intelligent than that!
Honestly? Well, this is beneath you!
I gave you more credit than that. You can't really believe this, can you?
I'm surprised that you embrace such views; a supposedly enlightened person such as yourself. 
I never knew this is how you felt. It's hard to believe. How am I to respect you?
You're a smart person How could you believe this? 
If you've ever been on the receiving end of these characterizations (or anything similar) you have effectively been insulted and dismissed. Yes, dismissed and disrespected as well. And it's probably been done without giving you a chance to explain why you believe what you believe or a chance to restate your argument and back it up with facts.
In all likelihood, you're not misinformed and not misguided. You've kept up with things, thought things through and have arrived at reasonably intelligent conclusions.
But we're living in a time when all that doesn't seem to count for very much. Today, reasoned informed arguments (absent arbitrary, biased, judgmental responses) are rare. Very rare.
And liberals (who used to pride themselves on traditional, rational discourse) are now the chief offenders in this regard. They talk all the time about "dialogue" and "understanding" but more often than not, they have no intention of embracing any such thing.
All of the comments that we've listed above are condescending. They're designed to treat you like a naughty child -- to make you shudder, put your head down and walk away like a duly admonished toddler.
Don't do it.
Stand your ground.
Respond thoroughly, intelligently and vigorously.
Fight back! Wipe out this imperious, backhanded bullying!
When you do that, we'll all be the better for it.

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