Sunday, November 18, 2018

South Jersey's 10 Best Tastes - Cherry Hill Area

Let's be clear about this,
Our tastes in food are simple. We like good stuff, well-prepared.
It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to be haute cuisine. It just has to be basic, fresh, tasty and consistent. It has to be worth it.
And, our tastes lean toward Italian.
So, here, in no particular order, are our ten bests:

Passariello's Pizza
We like the new Passariello's in Haddonfield (so big, bright and spotless) but there are also locations in Vorhees and Moorestown. The pizza here is incredibly fresh and crisp. There are numerous varieties and you can even customize your order. Also available by the slice and it's marvelously crunchy!

Spaghetti and meatballs at Laberti's Tutti Toscanni
This is the original Lamberti restaurant in Cherry Hill, part of this popular family collection. The spaghetti is always al dente. The sauce is fragrant and not too spicy. The meatballs are simply the best. For this classic dish, this place never, ever fails!

Hamburgers at Zinburger
The burgers here are so wonderfully juicy that it's a small miracle. Even a well-done burger at this Cherry Hill hangout in Garden State Park remains ample and succulent. And the fresh cut fries are heavenly!

Cream donuts at Randoph's Bakery
OMG, how the luscious white sugar cream bursts from these powdery delights! In Maple Shade or Marlton, these donuts are so full they will astound you. And they're just sweet enough to keep you coming back.

Roselli's lasagna
The family recipes at Roselli's market in Medford will bring you right back to that big bountiful Sunday Italian table. We like the meat lasagna but all four take-home varieties are heaven. And here's the thing: the lasagna never falls apart; it cuts smoothly and perfectly, like a pound cake.

Pastina soup at Ragazzi
Save for the mozas ball soup at Ben's in Manhattan, this is the best soup of any kind that we've found anywhere. We don't know the secret of Ragazzi's in Marlton. We only know that they sell more pastina than anyplace else -- and with good reason!

Cheesesteaks at Chick's
Since 1957, Chick's deli has been delighting customers in Cherry Hill. Here you will find the tastiest and freshest cheesesteak -- the one that Philadelphia magazine awarded with its "best" title. It's nothing less than legendary. And oh, those rolls!

Gelato at Gelato Dolceria
You don't have to go into center city anymore for great gelato. Instead, it's right here on King's Highway in Haddonfield. And it's all genuine Italian with just the right texture and consistency. Great flavor selection, too!

Crispy jumbo shrimp in garlic sauce at Sakura Spring
At Sakura Spring in Cherry Hill, when they say "jumbo" shrimp they really mean it. Everything here is great but this is one of the standout dishes and chef specialities. And the atmosphere is wonderfully inviting and tranquilizing!

Filet mignon at Tavistock Country Club
If you're lucky, you know someone who's a member at Haddonfield's Tavistock (or a related club) who will invite you to enjoy the filet here. If you're even luckier, you're a member yourself. This club specializes in basic American fare with updated choices but the classic filet remains a joyous gift to carnivores. Cooked to perfection, according to your wishes!__


Unknown said...

Franco's Panzarotti - Haddon twp
Donkey's steak sandwich -Camden
Breadboard Hoagie - Haddonfield

Dan Cirucci said...

All good choices! Thanks!