Tuesday, December 29, 2020

21 People to Watch In '21 - Who Made The List?

Everybody's anxious to get the new year started.
We all want new faces, new adventures, new horizons.
Still, not all of the people we're suggesting you watch in 2021 are "new" but most seem ready for new challenges, or at least should be. Still others make the list for not necessarily admirable reasons. The operative word here is simply watch, not cheer on or admire, OK? But most are people we genuinely like.
So let's get on with the list which we now present in alphabetical order:

Hunter Biden
We know he'd rather not have us watch. We know he'd rather be in hiding. That's his preferred (indeed, normal) mode of operation, it seems. But all that only makes him more watchable. It'll be interesting to see what happens to his guy and where he winds up at year's end -- or maybe even before then.

Jill Biden and Kamala Harris
This is a twofer. Why? Because  (assuming Joe Biden actually takes and holds office) we have a sneaky suspicion these two will be in competition. Neither one has an undersized ego, that's for sure. So, we figure the angling for magazine covers and media face time will be fierce. And the FLOTUS wouldn't want to be upstaged by the Veep, would she?

You may not have heard of him yet, but you will -- and real soon. He's the engaging, amiable businessman and authentic Jersey Guy who's seeking the GOP nomination to unseat New Jersey Governor Phil (Phony Phil) Murphy. Ciattarelli is smart, politically savvy, independent-minded, refreshingly real, keenly focused and sensitive to the needs of everyday taxpayers. Get ready, New Jersey!

He looks better with the beard, yes? Distinguishing! And we think he's learned a lot since his 2016 presidential run. He seems more approachable, more authentic. And nobody knows the Constitution as well as this guy or is a fiercer competitor or a more vigilant defender of our liberties. He'll go toe-to-toe with the best of them, that's for sure!

Yeah, you've come to know these sistahs as Chief Defenders of President Trump but that doesn't define them and never has. Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson are relentless live-stream video bloggers, political activists and authors who have a wonderful, inspiring story to tell. Plus, they're entertaining, funny and insightful. We don't see them disappearing any time soon.

Is there ever not a good time to read what she's written or listen to what she has to say? This local lawyer, commentator, columnist and radio personality is a formidable generator of provocative proclivities who's now nationally syndicated and has even gone international via Israeli television where she's a frequent contributor. She's a dynamo who can conquer almost any realm.

Why is she on the list? Because she's one of the few Democrats who occasionally makes any sense, that's why! She's nimble of mind, has an appealing media presence, doesn't take any gruff and seems to challenge the right people at the right time. 

Yeah, we think she's got aspirations for higher office. She's moving carefully, cleverly, it seems. She's not closing any doors no does she seem anxious to make enemies. But is she too calculating or maybe even too cautious? Not sure yet but don't underestimate her.

Will Broadway ever return? Ever? Is Hugh Jackman a bankable star? Will he put butts in seats (and have them standing, cheering and begging for more) when he opens on the Great White Way in The Music Man come autumn? Yes, yes, and yes! The show's advance sale is mammoth and he's bound to be the Toast of Broadway and the guidepost to its reemergence. Tickets, please!

He's building a burgeoning audience every night on Newsmax and scaring the hell out of the gang at Fox News. This brash anchor who's bullish on the USA and all things Trump has actually edged out Fox and CNN in the ratings during his time period. He's just daring enough to propel his brazen new network to the top.

An intense, power-packed Ocean County (NJ) native and self-proclaimed "kid from Waretown" the aptly-named Luna can shine a bright, upbeat light even into the "dark night" that Democrat merchants of fear and foreboding say we face in the new year. An incandescent energizer, Luna seems perfectly poised to challenge Congressman Andy Kim. And, if he's gonna do it, Luna will have to get started real soon. GoGoGo!

His new book, Greenlights is more than a bestseller. It's a runaway sensation. And this Texas native has cleverly positioned himself away from that glitzy, gaudy, giddy Hollywood gang of looney lefties. He's nibbling around the edges of politics and policy and often actually makes sense. Is a run for governor in the offing? And on which party's ticket? Or is this just all a big promotional scheme? Stay tuned!

We would say "the sky's the limit" for this guy but his SapceX has gone well beyond that. He's an All American trailblazer who defies borders and will now start selling Teslas in India, one of the hottest markets on earth. We like that he's defiant, unpredictable, wonderfully disruptive and self-invented. Let's have more of all of that in 2021!

Here's another maverick who set her own rules during the COVID horror and put South Dakota on the map. Who can forget the show she staged for President Trump at Mount Rushmore? Yes, she listens to her own drummer but she also knows her constituents and she seems, in more ways than one, remarkably well grounded. We see bright things ahead!

He's a Temple grad, a veteran Navy intelligence officer, an author, filmmaker and, in his own words, a "recovering political operative." Long before most others, he dove into social media and built a huge following with his audacious pronouncements. Lately,  he's been a contributor at OANN, the growing One America News Network. Damned if he doesn't make conservatism surprising, entertaining and irrepressibly human. What will he do next?

Have you been looking forward to Reagan, the movie as much as we have? Have you long felt that this is the ideal guy to play the role? Well, your wish may be about to come true because the movie about one of America's most iconic figures  (and a movie star in his own right) may actually make it to the Big Screen in 2021, more than 40 years after the Great Communicator was inaugurated. Hurry, hurry!

For the most part, Rubio's been a good soldier during the Trump years. And it helps that Florida showed up as solidly Republican. And how about that big Cuban-American vote for Trump, huh? We're figuring Marco will cash in some chips and prepare for another presidential run. Frankly, we'd welcome such a move from a charismatic pol who's shown he can roll with the punches and come back stronger and more appealing.

This immensely talented and inspiring actor, producer, director, author and motivational speaker is now building a growing following with his Christian films. He's proving that there is still an audience for the kind of morally responsible, intelligent filmmaking that Hollywood's big studios once happily embraced. Look for more from him in the year ahead!

Type her first name (NO third a) and her surname will automatically appear on your screen. La Streisand may not share our political views (and we often wish she'd just shut up and sing) but she's been writing a memwow for five years now. A noted perfectionist, she wants to get it right. 2021 could be the year her book arrives and she promises "lots and lots of stories." We're guessing it will be a blockbuster.

No, not Donald. And not Melania either. We're talking Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka. And since white men are out and women are all the rage, we say watch Ivanka as she may be eyeing a political career of her own. But where and how would she launch such a foray? We're not sure, but she's incredibly appealing, adept and adaptable.  And keep an eye on Don Jr. as well since he remains as articulate, feisty and laser-sharp as ever. As for Eric, we see him staying closer to the Trump business empire.

Did we put him on a list like this once before? Well, we're adding him again because he's highly individualistic, bright, inquisitive and innovative. He keeps coming up with ideas that make us think; that make us see things in a new way. And we feel he's honestly interested in improving everyone's lot. Now, he's reportedly eyeing a run for Mayor of New York in the year ahead. We say: "Hooray!"

So, by now you've figured out that, for the most part, we populated this list with people who listen to their own drummers; people who follow their dreams; people who aspire to something more; people who strive -- and keep striving, no matter what. We tend to seek out mavericks and disruptors -- people who don't necessarily follow the crowd; people who challenge the conventional wisdom; people who aren't afraid to chart new paths, people who step up and lead! These are the types of people we should look to in the year ahead.
In 2021, stay away from the all-too-common functionaries, sycophants, bean counters, bureaucrats, paper pushers, mindless followers and assorted parasites. Turn to the exceptional ones. Watch, listen and learn!

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